My Conception Period

from the words of a would-be mom

It's still going my conception period,
for which I have waited a lot.
has brought forth me happiness untold,
and illuminates me from the depth of my heart.

A day so fortunate that comes in the life'
of a girl culminating into womanhood.
With the outcome of a new life within her,
what more precious thing could be bestowed.

That stays there quietly in my little womb.
Is nothing but a life so delicate.
Rejuvenating to come out into this world,
is seeking inside a warm shelter.

For often I wonder,this gift of god,
I long cherished and prayed as well.
May this little creature has all the goodwill,
the blessings along with God's all spell.

Reminiscences of the the-then conceived mother

Alpana Singh
5th of march 2006

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