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» Palm Simulator Patcher
Utility used for patching Palm Simulators for creating the NV memory storage file (SimSlotDriverVolume) in the Simulator directory instead of hard coded path C:\PALM
» Translate Tool
Get your site localized in various languages, automatically and free

» Noida Metro
Latest Information about the extension of Delhi Metro to Noida
» Bollywood Inspirations
Bollywood Movies that are inspired/remake/copied of other movies
» Recipes
Various Recipes
» India: The Cradle of Civilization
Discover India .... the way the world look at it.
» Peak Oil and its Impact on India
Why is the oil barrel price moving north? How will it affect India?
» Wallpapers by Canon PowerShot S2 IS
Free to download wallpapers shot using the above camera. Exif information also present seperately.

» Poetry of Life

Poems on various faces of life.

» Find anyone's Yahoo online status
How to display Yahoo Online status of any person
» Remove Malware and Spyware
Get the irritating and malicious spyware/malware off your PC
» Journey of the Evolution of Secondary Storage
Get the irritating and malicious spyware/malware off your PC
» Canon Power Shot S2 IS
Tips, tricks, suggestions, strength, weakness and other related information
» Twenty Five Years of Personal Computing
Take the journey down the memory lane back to the start of a revolution.

» Mail Me
Get in touch with me
» My Albums
Check my latest whereabouts

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