Taarzan: The Wonder Car

Movie Inspiration Review of Taarzan: The Wonder Car

Movie Details

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Taarzan: The Wonder Car

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Ajay Devgan

Inspired By

English Movies Christine (1983)

Copy Level

Copy Level 2 Concept, Plot

Corresponding Actors


Taarzan: The Wonder Car

Warning: Plot Spoilers Ahead

Inspiration Details

Plot is same, but the story line is different - The car has the soul of the original owner of the car. In the English movie the soul is of villainous nature, making the car also a villain. In the Hindi movie it is hero's father's soul which makes the car also a hero.


Movie Story Line

Story is about Ajay Devgan who creates an advanced car design (actually a creation of Dilip Chabria), and takes the design to a car manufacturer. They steal his designs and kill him and throw him along with his car in a lake. Years later his son finds the car in junk and restores it back to full glory. Now the car has the soul of Ajay Devgan, who starts taking revenge of his death by killing all those who killed him.

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