“The period of stress and strain” and the role of Education

Adolescence is regarded as the period of stress and strain, storm and strike. This is the time when an individual undergoes tremendous changes both physically, emotionally and psychologically. A profound and abrupt change is clearly perceptible into the development of the child who is neither too young nor too old. This sudden growth and development in the child is the unique characteristic of adolescence, an age which requires lots of care, affection, guidance, proper monitoring and motivation.

It is because of the changes the child undergoes, stress and strain start ensuing. He starts behaving as a grown-up person but at times behaves childishly. There is frequent change in the behavioural act of the child at this stage. There is too much of eagerness as well as restlessness. The hormonal changes have an acute impact on the personality of the child. It results either in pride or shame, overexcitement or humiliation. Pimple and acne formation, genital development and increase in height and weight are the instinctive physical changes. Attraction towards opposite sex, being secretive in nature, group formation and active participation in mature discussion are some of the emotional changes the child undergoes. However indulgence in untoward activities, aggressiveness, emotional imbalance, fickle-mindedness are some of the negative changes in the adolescent that need to be properly eyed. Such features differ from individual to individual in meagre or large.

What I want to say is ‘Adolescence is the stage which is considered as the most beautiful phase of one’s life when there is lots of imagination, aspiration zeal and potential outburst’. Everything is at its peak and the individual strives to accomplish everything he desires for. However if his desires are unfulfilled, he undergoes severe pain and even trauma which may lead him to negative repercussions. At that time it may become the worst phase of his life.

Now what role teachers, parents and elders have on the overall development of the adolescents, is of utmost importance. Teachers need to be great role models, parents great inspirers, and elders need to be humble advisers. Of all they need to be good friends who could give them proper motivation and suggestions, forbade them from doing wrong and inspire for all the good things. Everything in optimum measure has positive repercussions on the personality development of the child. Moreover generation gap needs to be minimized.

Adolescence is the foundation of adulthood. A properly groomed adolescent is bound to be a well-developed and organised personality who can think and act rationally. All this comes from sound educational background. Any loophole in the educational process will have an adverse effect on the personality development of the individual. For this the most important thing is tuning the mind and channelizing the potentialities of the child.

In all these activities, educational system plays a vital role. Teachers and facilitators of educational process need to help the adolescents come out of their dilemmas, their onslaught problems and difficulties in such a way that they don’t hinder their progress rather pave their way to success. Moreover assigning them responsibilities for some noble cause to make them fit citizen is another duty of educational system. Likewise parents and family need to be supportive in their efforts rather than dismantling them from the same. This will definitely channelize their propensities and forbade them from getting astray.

In India, we the Indians give much importance to Indian values; culture and ethical imbibe into our children who have the responsibilities for futuristic India. We have great icons like Abdul Kalam who believes in the merging of science with values for the overall development of the society. As one of the famous saying goes, ‘Mind without morals create maniac in the Society’. Values, morality and ethics are the foundation of any civilised society. We need to provide our children and adolescents this knowledge of values along with the knowledge of facts. We are known for our cultural heritage, traditions and values which need to be preserved by our younger generation. Quality education can only serve this purpose providing the adolescents proper platform to groom their individuality and achieve their goal.

Alpana Singh
21st July 2010
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