A Deadly PJ (Poor Joke)

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This joke is from the collection of PJs that I get mostly by forwarded mails or word of mouth. Many of the PJs have Indian specific orientation, and some of them are in Hindi.

Due to the nature of the PJ there is always a context in which it can be enjoyed. For the rest of us who are not in the right context there is a translation and context section below the joke. Who have missed the fun part do read that section for additional information.

Note: Hindi text is coloured like this line.

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9XM Bade Chote
Chote      Kya haal hain.. ..
Bade Pehele acha tha ab bura hain.. ..
Chote Kya baat kar raha hain.. ..sach main.. ..
Bade Bhounk.. ..
Chote Acha tujhe wo Naag-punchme kaa opposite pata hain.. ..
Bade Bohot purana joke hain.. ..Naag-don't punchme.. ..
Chote Hhhmmm.. ..kaafi smart ho gaya hain.. ..chal Churchgate ka opposite bata chal..
Bade Churchgate kaa.. ..churchgate kaa koi opposite nahi hain
Chote Churchgate kaa opposite nahi hain.. ..?
Bade No.. ..
Chote Sochley
Bade Nahi hain.. ..

Chote Eros theater hain.. ..
Bade Bakwas Bandkar!

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