A Deadly PJ (Poor Joke)

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This joke is from the collection of PJs that I get mostly by forwarded mails or word of mouth. Many of the PJs have Indian specific orientation, and some of them are in Hindi.

Due to the nature of the PJ there is always a context in which it can be enjoyed. For the rest of us who are not in the right context there is a translation and context section below the joke. Who have missed the fun part do read that section for additional information.

Note: Hindi text is coloured like this line.

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It happened in NWFP(sarhad) areas. I just read this story. There was a beautiful girl of some vadera (sardar) of a qabila, she fell in love with a boy who was an ordinary poor person. When the people of that qabila came to know about their love, they did not like it at all. So they began to protest about it. Now it happened that the two lovers left their homes for their secure and happy future.

The people of that qabila started searching for the two lovers but they could not find them. At last, they accepted their love and asked them in a News Paper to come back. The people said that if u both come back we will marry u, we accept that u loved each other truly. So in this way their love won and the cruelness of the people of qabila shattered. The boy with that girl went to karachi for shopping for the wedding. He was wearing white shalwar qameez, he was crossing the road, a car came and hit him and he died at the spot. The girl just lost her sense. After a long time she recovered and accepted that her love has died.

One night she was sleeping in her home with her family. Her mother saw a dream in which she saw a Buzurg. That Buzurg ask her mother that there are blood spots on ur daughter's shirt, wash that blood spots of that guy as soon as possible. But her mother ignored that dream. Next night her father saw the same Dream, he also ignored the dream.. Then the same dream came to that girl on next night, she woke up and told her mother about that dream. Her mother confused very much and asked her to wash that clothes on which there are blood spots of that guy. She washed that spots but some remained there. Next night she again saw the same dream she again washed that spots but blood spots didn't wash out clearly and some remained there but dim.

Next night she again saw the same dream and this time that Buzurg gave her last warning to wash that spots... otherwise some thing very bad will be happened with u. This time she tried her best to wash that spots but her shirt tore up.

Then in the evening of same day when she was alone in her home, some one knocked the door when she opened the door she saw that Buzurg at the door. She scared her that much she fainted there. The Buzurg asked her dear daughter plz wake up, when she came back in senses that Buzurg gave her a thing, that girl asked that Buzurg what is this?

The Buzurg replied.....

Surf Excel Hai Na

Origin, Context and Translation

Buzurg - An elder

Surf Excel Hai Na, was the punch line belongling to Unilever for its brand Surf Excel (washing detergent).
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