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  Time Traveling  


HG Well's - Time Machine

This is a Novel This is a Movie

Shows quiet Bleak future of Humanity. The hero is the creator of a time machine who travels through time using his machine. As he takes on his journey through time he finds out that due to various devastating human's endeavors, including the destruction of moon, humans are on the verge of extinction. There by causing a genetic evolution thereby splitting the humans into two species. One that we know as of now, and the other living under the ground and feeding on the humans living above.



Terminator Series

This is a Movie

This series uses the concept that we can manipulate history (by traveling to past and doing something) to make the present different. For example killing Hitler to prevent the world war II. The series comprising of the movies Terminator, Terminator 2: The Judgment Day, T3??? and now its upcoming its final episode T4, shows how machines in the future who are at war with humans sends through time machines an terminator robot to finish the human resistance by eliminating the key human beings in the past itself. The movie is all about the defeating the all powerful robots from the future by weak robots and humans.


Back to the Future Series

This is a Movie

This also make use of the same concept as to use past to gain in the present. In this series the villain in the future in hope of making his present good goes back to past and hands over a book containing all the winning lottery numbers, high gaining shares etc. to young himself. There by making him millionaire in the past and hence in the present. In the movie the hero and his scientist friend come up with the car that moves back and fro in time.

One unique concept in this is if the human from future touches the same human in the past then both of them dies.



Time Bandits (1981)

This is a Movie




Time Line

This is a Movie

Travel back, then using known History to gain advantage in the past.







A. Aliens Attack Humans/Earth


Mars Attack

This is a Movie

Martians attack earth! The movie is more comic than tragic or action oriented. Here green coloured Martians invade earth and starts killing people and destroying cities. This no brainer movie is all about how humans fight back to kill the invading force.


Independence Day

This is a Movie

A movie with very good graphics for its time, shows how aliens come to earth and starts destroying it. The plot uses injection of assortment of deadly computer virus software into the main computer of the main mothership of the aliens, there by lowering there defenses. This is followed by the destruction of the whole alien force assembled to invade earth. The movie also touches the realm of showing visits of UFOs to the earth and even secret capture of one of the UFO with dead aliens and kept at the famous Area 57.



War of the World (N+M)

This is a Novel This is a Movie

Martians attacks earth and nearly wins using their superior weapons. The factor that the Martians didn't count on was the microorganisms of the earth atmosphere that humans are immune to. They all succumb to these microorganisms and get ill and eventually die.




This is a Movie

Alien with water lethal to them.



Half-Life series (G)

This is a Game

Half Life is a game that revolves around a scientific establishment called Black Mesa that is researching on various high energy experimentation including teleportation. Scientists are able to open a portal to an alien world, and brings aliens to experiment back to earth. Later the aliens uses this opportunity to invade the earth by keeping the portal open from their side and start sending its army through it. The story line goes on to show how the hero, a scientist by profession, goes through the portal amid government forces intending to destroy the whole establishment to cover up the whole incident. He eventually kills the alien boss who was the master mind behind the earth invasion on his planet on the other side of the portal.

Its second part (Half Life 2) happened few years after the events in the first part. And during this time another alien race, due to the Black Mesa incident got interested in earth, and invaded earth. Major part of humans are destroyed and is ruled by the aliens through the director of the Black Mesa who is a puppet leader. Earth is in shambles and there are resistance that is gaining secretively for fighting back. Here again our hero returns and fights to kill the dictatorship.

HL2 Episode 1:



Halo Series (G)

This is a Game

This story revolves around the universe of the future in which earth, fueled by series of civil war, over population etc, has achieved some key scientific breakthru to invent space travel. This leads to exploration, terraforming and colonization of planets deep in the universe. This keeps on for hundreds of years that sees through some rebellion and civil war. This leads to the creation of a project called Spartan in which a group of small kids are selected on the basis of their superior genetic makeup and are trained to become an elite military force. The training also includes adding equipment and genetic enhancements to their body to make them half human and half machine. They have superior strength and power than a normal human being. The hero of Halo series is one of these who is known as Master Chief.

The expansion and colonization far in the universe has not lead to discovery of any form of intelligent life form. But shortly there is a contact with a group of race collectively known as Covenant, who regarded humans as enemy by their religion and are set to destroy the whole human race using their superior technology.

This starts the war with the Covenants whose motive are more than just destruction of human race. As the game progresses the Halo, a non-natural ring in is found in the space that is supposed to be some advanced form of weapon capable of destroying 10,000 light years of space around it. Both humans and the Covenants are in a race to find the control room of the weapon. This leads to unleashing of a virus like creature called flood , that was the sole purpose of the ring Halo - to preserve and study the Flood. And in case it somehow managed to escape Halo then the weapon was to be detonated to wipe out the whole universe. Eventually it is found that the Halo and 6 more installations like that was erected by a long time disappeared life form called the Forerunners, and AI robots are managing the Halo structure long after their creators are gone.

It is eventually found out that the Covenants are trying to destroy the humans as they have found that the key to all the Halos is on Earth and is known as the Ark! So whoever has the Ark controls the fate of this universe.

The first part of the game ends at the destruction of Halo. The story moves further in its second part, that I have not yet played.

Interestingly the game and its plot looks to be deeply inspired by Bible and the much debated "Ark of the Covenant" as described in Bible and having lot of mystery surrounded by it. It was also depicted in the popular movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" that described the Ark as a super weapon and is hunted by Nazis.

If you are interested there is also a series of books on this game narrating the story.



Battlefield Earth (N+M) (1982)

This is a Novel This is a Movie

This is a very interesting novel by L Ron Hubbard, but a lousy movie made out of it. The story is setup in the year 3000 and is narrated from the point of view of the hero named Jonnie Goodby Tyler who was born in a small village in the mountains and was told that he is not supposed to go to the plains as monsters live there. But he ventures to the plains and the story begins.

About 1000 years back (year 2000) Earth was attacked and almost devoid of humans by a very powerful race called Psychlos. Psychlos invented instant teleportation using which they could instantly move from any location to other location, and using it conquered almost the whole Universe making many races extinct on their will. Their prime motive to conquer any planet was its natural resources like minerals, metals etc. There were other races also but not as powerful as the Psychlos was with their secret teleportation formula could destroy any one.

The story revolves around a Psychlo named Terl, who is the chief security of Earth. And for his person motive (secretly smuggling large amount of gold hidden in obscure pockets of Earth back to his home planet and become rich) he needed few human beings. As most of the human species are extinct, only few remains scattered around mostly in high mountains and difficult to reach places. He get hold of Jonnie and trains him so that he could man the machines needed for the excavation operation.

This training makes Jonnie understand the history of humanity and how they were mass terminated by Psychlos during their attack on Earth, and also learns to use Psychlo technology and gadgets. He also finds that Psychlo cannot come near any radioactivity, which causes explosion in the gas they breath killing them instantly. And this was the reason Term himself cannot excavate the gold as it is near a radioactive area.

Through the time he learns and calls other humans for the excavation, he also learns the secret formula of the teleportation. After the gold excavation is complete the whole mass of gold is to be secretly teleported back to Psychlo in deadbody containers. Here Jonnie switches the gold by Nuclear bombs found in old human military base.

When this blasts on Psychlo, it destroys the whole planet. And slowly kills almost all the Psychlo population throughout the universe as every Psychlo one by one teleports back to their home planet, unknowing to the fact that it is no longer there.

This makes Earth (and the Universe) free from Psychlo rule, but it immediately threatened by other powerful forces that try to take over Earth. Here Jonnie, now equipped with teleportation technology and many other advanced Psychlo technology, politically convince everyone of their power and intent of peace. There by forming an UN type of governing body that will prevail peace thruout the Universe, with Earth and humans at the center of it.



Starship Troopers Series

This is a Movie



Space Odyssey (N)

This is a Novel This is a Movie



Men in Black Series

This is a Movie

MiB, and MiB 2


Species Series

This is a Movie

This two movie series is quiet fascinating in nature, as it explorer the idea of contact with aliens via the SETI project (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). The movie starts with the sending of information about earth and humans and its DNA structure etc. to our nearest star Proxima Centauri. A decade later (time for the waves to reach the star and back at the speed of light) a message is received from there that describes there DNA and method of create it by combining it with the human DNA.

Using this combination a female child is born who has the combination of the Alien and Human DNA. Now the story takes turn when the child grows at a rapid pace to become an adult female. And she escapes the facility. Her motive is to conceive a child that will increase the alien population and she is in hunt for a perfect man, killing the inferior ones.

Rest of the movie is about her destruction.

In the second part a group of astronaut who land on Mars get infected by the alien virus/microorganism who infect them and make them in want of reproduction for creating more and more aliens.

In this movie also evil aliens are depicted who tries to conquer earth by benevolently sending their DNA for creation of their kind on earth. Just like the Trojan Horse!



Novel ??

This is a Movie

Killed Dino
Human has code that can be used to destroy/control human



This is a Game

The concept is of a superior Alien species which is constantly moving through out the
universe. And they eat biological food. For that they had previously sown seeds of biological nature thruout the universe on various planets. Earlier earth was also created by their seed as their food supply in future when they arrive here.
And now they have come over here and have started to take all biological life form as their source of food...



This is a Movie


B. Aliens Encountered in Space/Other Planet


Aliens Series

This is a Novel This is a Movie



Doom Series

This is a Game This is a Movie

Doom is setup on Mars with Humans becoming advanced enough to create a Space Traveling portal to the Mars. There they excavate Mars to find remains of some ancient civilization that were quiet advanced. But they had become extinct, only artifacts and scriptures were present that lead to many discoveries.

The game not exactly had Alien but instead
went into ????????? to make Hell as the source of Daemons that start coming through a Portal that humans opened. They invaded Mars and had plans to invade Earth.

The movie differed a bit and Daemons were created by a Virus which was created by the extinct aliens
. The virus was such to make them more superior, but on the flip side it either made the person a daemon or a good man depending on his orientation.

The game also
suggested that the alien species on Mars which got extinct due to the Daemons actually moved to Earth, and humans are actually the decedent of them.


Quake Series

This is a Game


C. Nice Aliens


ET Series

This is a Movie


2 Indian Adaptation - Koi Mil Gaya
3 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
4 Superman Series
Superman is an Alien sent in space from destroying planet Krypton?
and landing on Earth and raised by humans.



Machine vs Humans



Terminator Series

This is a Movie

(See details other place)


Matrix Series

This is a Movie This is a Game
Another Cult Classic Series redefining reality.

Matrix is a movie with multiple theories
1. There is a man vs. machine war (just like The Terminator, which is won by the machines)
2. Earth's atmosphere is covered by thick dust causing sunlight to be unavailable on earth, causing severe energy crisis
3. Human Brain is a source of electric power that can be plugged into
4. Humans are cultivated by the machines to harness this power
5. To keep the humans docile, their five senses are cutoff from the brain and redirected to a computer simulation called Matrix. The Matrix then let them believe that they are not prisoners and are leading a normal life.

A British Institute recently published a theory that our current world is also an simulation run by human's of the future, and we are nothing but a simulation program in their computer.



Human Society in the Future



Demolition Man
People don't indulge in conventional intercourse for the fear of AIDS and similar disease. Remote e-sex is the rule of the society. Other such rules have caused split in the society and there are out-castes who live underground.

2 Dark Planet

Total Recall

  The Island
(Biological SF)
Creating clone human and keeping them for organ replacement.
  Water World
Poles Melting causing whole world to go underwater. Humans living in Ocean on boats and searching/fighting for a single piece of land remaining somewhere.
  The Fifth Element
An ancient Evil is threatening Earth and only way to stop is using the Fifth Element. Set in some future it shows a face of Earth society and how things will be in future.
  Minority Report
Set in future, an agency is created that can see murders happening in future using three psychic beings. They are used to stop the murder and arrest and jail the future culprit.
  Judge Dread????

Asimov's Foundation Series
Asimov created the zeroth low of Robotics in this putting human society/humanity above individual humans. This special edition robot was special and so only one of its kind is created to conserve the human society without any direct intervention.

Harry Seldon is the hero of the series who is a mathematician and has created a formula for predicting future. It is based in a future society of Human's.

  Deus Ex Series (G)

Aeon Flux
"400 years in the future, after a virus decimates the world population, only one city on Earth remains. Ruled by the Goodchild dynasty, it is a perfect society of peace and prosperity – except that its citizens keep mysteriously disappearing. Charlize Theron stars as Aeon Flux, a secret agent/assassin/warrior whose mission is to bring down the regime. But as she goes deeper into her mission, Aeon uncovers some shocking secrets that jeopardize the mission – and her life."

Humans are suffering a disease due to which they cannot reproduce, so the only way to survive is using clones. Each generation do not die, they are just recycled to a new generation. Since it requires the person to be alive to be cloned, they are abducted and then recycled and then artificially inseminated to make some one pregnant.







Asimov (N) ...

This is a Novel



This is a Movie



This is a Movie


I, Robot

Naming after an collection of stories by Asimov, it is just opposite of what Asimov depicted
of robots in his novels. Though keeping with Asimov in creation and representation of Robots including its famous 3 + 1 laws, it twists the zeroth law to make a dramatic villain of the robots what never were in Asimov's depiction.

The 4 laws of Robotics by Asimov are: 0 - Human Society (Humanity) is on Top
1 - Individual Humans after that
3 - Human Orders comes next
4 - Robots come after that

Initially there were 3 laws only, the zero'th law was introduced later in his Foundation Series of novel.


Bicentennial Man (N + M)
Asimov novel about how a robot having conscience of his own becomes a human.


Terminator Series

There is a war going on in the future between Man and Machines. Machines have become super intelligent and have conscience of their own.
And they feel Human's are their enemies and are at war with them. They have destroyed majority of the humanity but a last resistance is their final hurdle for their complete victory over the humans. The leader of the human resistance is their enemy, and for eliminating him they send a Terminator Robot back to past for killing his Mother (T1). In this humans send a human to save her. He saves her from the robot and dies in the end. Son is born of the two who will be the future resistance leader.

sends a superior Robot who can change its shape to whatever it wants few years later when the leader is a small kid. Human's send a captured robot of the same make as the original Terminator to save the kid. (T2)

In T3 machines sends even more superior female robot to kill the leader's lieutenant of the war. Again the same make of Terminator is sent to save them. In this episode machines take over the Internet and the whole world computers via a AI program originally created to destroy viruses over the Internet. Once taking control on the whole network and all computers connected with it, the AI launches Nuclear missiles on cities and the war begins.

Next and the final installment of this series is remaining.

7 Foundation Series (N)
(Details see in Other Section)
8 Short Circuit
Robot getting intelligent by a lightning strike causing a short circuit.


Man/Dead Man converted to Machine



Robocop Series

2 Inspector Gadget
3 Universal Soldier


Space Travel/Exploration



Star Trek Series




Creating it own World



Star Wars Series

2 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
3 The Planet of the Apes Series







Jurassic Park Series

2 Resident Evil Series
Virus causing man to die but walk dead as like Zombie. If the dead bites someone the virus is transferred to that person.




Moving Inside the Earth / Sea



The Core (M)
Our Earth Magnetic Core rotation is stopped due to some deep earth experiments. Core rotation is responsible for the creation of the protective Magnetic Field around the Earth thereby protecting from harmful radiation from the Sun. Core stoppage will mean this protection will be gone and almost all life form on Earth will die. So the task is to restart the Core movement by going to the Center of the Earth and putting some Nuclear Bombs at strategic locations and detonate them.

2 Journey to the Center of the Earth (N + m)
3 Aliens living in Earth???? Novel??? (N)
4 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)
5 The Sphere ??? Classification?
6 The Abyss (1989)



Changing the Size of Humans/Things



Honey I shrunk the KIDs

2 Honey I Blewup the KIDs
3 Fantastic Voyage???? (Blood Vassal with Submarine)




Individual Concepts



Can see future using some machine (May be put in time Travel Section)

2 Getting Powerful using some formula/machine
The Lawnmower Man
3 The One
Multi World in Parallel
4 Fly (Series)
---- ++++ --- Teleport -------> Human Fly!!!
5 Chain Reaction

The Day After Tomorrow
Global Warming and its effect

7 The Invisible Man, ?????
Creating a formula that will make the whole living being invisible.
8 Spider Man
A radioactive spider biting a Human and Human becoming very poweful in turn.



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