The Ecstasy of a New Mom

The Ecstasy of a New Mom

It was the fortunate October 'the ten'
the year 2006 which honoured me to be mom.
God bestowed me with life's precious gift
with a gem like son to hug and kiss.

And as I had my first glimpse of his,
My whole body filled with untold thrill.
For he was the outcome of a long awaited wish
And a day so thrilling came as a bliss.

the feeling of motherhood was though before,
But his presence before me sparked the lore.
The lullaby,the enchanting musical rhyme,
started echoing in me within a short span.

He is my life, he is my gem.
'Aayush' is what I have given him this name.

Alpana Singh
22nd of October 2006

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