There are stars in the darkness of night
Guiding your way with their light
Then there is the moon, how so ever bright
Vanishes away, when sun is in sight

Mercury to Pluto, orbiting the sun
So are the comets, from far they come
How insignificant is the Sun in this Milky Way
Palely it glows among the millions, they say

And the millions rotate, around the nucleus star
Spirally they move, in the galaxy so far
Nebulae, in star's birth, play their role
Ending their life, in the form of black-hole

Galaxies can be small, as in the MIB film
Palm of giants can only be their realm
Gently they rotate, obeying nature's law
Epitomizing me, for you are the cause

Epitome: One who or that typifies a whole class
Nebula: Inter-stellar mass of cloudlike appearance of gaseous matter
MIB: The movie "Men In Black"

8th Dec 1997, Monday
0150 Hrs

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