Life: An Eternal Journey

Life - An Eternal Journey

Life, an eternal journey to the unknown
The incessant expressway to the hustle and bustle.
The ever tickling clock, which may pause,
Strikes again when equipped with dose.

Man's manifestations, his glory and fame,
The radiant sparkles imbued with his name.
All the parts and counterparts of life,
The turmoil, tribulations, miseries and strife

Increases, enhances, vitalizes its essence,
Synthesizes, metamorphosize with elegance.
The mystic, the metaphysical are all its force,
The embedded meaning procured in its course.

The divine inspiration for an undying aspiration,
Fertilizes the mind for a coveted achievement.
The loss or the gain in this journey of chain,
The part and parcel, the two sides of the same coin.

An empty canvas one colors with his brush,
Brings shades of images with graceful gush.
Some dark some bright what talent he begets,
May become a virtuoso or may ponder to regret.

Ah life! the only precious gem, given to mankind.
A cassette-player when once played can never rewind.
What lies there beyond this life, the query but a game.
A sensible implication of this gift should be the only aim.


Alpana Singh
26th January 2006
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