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Dr. Wood's Puzzle Solution The Rose

Human Evolution is slow and we evolved at the rate of approximately 600 years per mutation. On each mutation we stored the genetically learned knowledge in our DNA structure and grew with it, passing this learning to the next generation. This was a very slow process taking generations. When the human brain evolved enough that it started to learn by seeing what others do, it accelerated the learning rate. Then we learned to speak, and the knowledge spread using this verbal communication. The old knowledge passed along is still present around in the form of things like folklore and myths that we hear from our older generation. The only problem with this was that the original information was lost substantially and garbage information was added to it as passed along generation to generation.

The breakthrough in storing and spreading knowledge came with the invention of writing. Written pictorial representation can be seen from many early civilizations. And it further evolved to polished scripts. And then books came into existence that allowed humans to write and spread it quickly as well as store it for future generation (like in libraries). With advent in technologies (of course with the help of stored information in the books) we started evolving much quicker than what basic facility (DNA mutation) the nature has provided us.

The problem with books is that it needs physical medium to reach people, and physical mediums are slow (and comparatively expensive). This was another bottleneck in our evolution process. Then the digital medium was invented, which allowed the information present in books to be converted in non physical form that could be transferred on wire, in air or also in vacuum. And this brought the ultimate revolution in human evolution. It's called The Internet.

Internet provided us the ultimate access to the information, and also fast ways of searching the required information. Now one need not always go to a library for the information (sadly every information is still not digital and on Internet), its accessible on the Internet. Now after Google's initiative, all the old books present in various libraries across the world is getting digitized (Microsoft has also joined this bandwagon). Shortly all this information can now be searched and accessed by any one sitting anywhere in the world with access to Internet.

With people more and more getting acquainted with Internet are finding more ways to share and provide information that could be used by others. One of the latest inventions is called Blog. This is a fast evolving world, and I am sure we will have lot more inventions that would make our life simpler and better.

But for all this to work, one thing is needed very strongly. That is the desire to share. Unless something is commercially lucrative it is difficult for people to share. But I think humans are curious in nature and also very helpful to others. That is why WH Questions ( - shut down long back) like web site was popular among the Internet people in its time, which was for people to ask questions and the one who knows to answer them. Currently the same concept is again started by Yahoo (Yahoo Answers).

So here we are!

"I believe in sharing, sharing knowledge that could be used by us to learn and ultimately evolve"

This site is a step in that direction, and I hope you will find information that is useful for you.

Akhilesh Singh
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