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O my printer for the Mac
Sitting idle on the rack
PreVIEW when ported to Netscape
Caused you to print white space

O my printer you are a treasure
Burning the paper with your laser
Black on white is the color you write
Epson printer is out of my sight

The paragon of noise printed so slow
Eating line of dots in every row
Having its quality out of the way
It is OR '|' or PLUS '+' you just can't say

I have my crush on your fairer sister
Enticing my printouts with her colorful gesture
Sharing your rack and the paper you paint
Only differing in color, but enough to taint

So you don't timepass in the corner
Dirty my pages with your toner
Print from Netscape and PreVIEW
Make my Mac a net-friend of you


Akhilesh Singh
late 1998, at the start of my career

(This poem was written when I got overly frustated by a bug that I was tracing and not able to find. The Mac software in question was displaying the document on the screen very well, but used to leave out matter while printing on the printer. Untimately after spending a lot of time it turned out to be an issue related to horizontal and verticle pen movement that has significance only on the printer and not on the screen! At one time this problem seemed like an impossible nut to crack, but after this was over come nothing seems impossible to me, as if the word itself says I-AM-POSSIBLE)


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